An Introduction to the Captain and First Mate

DSC02977Hi! This is James and Isabelle and welcome to our blog. 

As you can see, we have decided to live a shared dream of sailing the Pacific ocean! We have been planning the trip since early this year and finally wrenched ourselves free of city life and headed for the deep blue. We bought a boat in Panama and plan to sail it back to Australia (or possibly New Zealand).

Please enjoy the blog and feel free to contact us!

James and Isabelle

PS. We are both new to blogging so if you have any feedback on our blog, it will be very much appreciated 🙂


4 Responses to “An Introduction to the Captain and First Mate”

  1. Susan Williams Says:

    Hey there James and Isabelle!

    James, thanks for your email advising us of your FANTASTIC adventure. How exciting!

    Sounds like you’ve worked very hard so far – what a trooper – but hopefully now you’re on the water there will be time for a bit more relaxation … lots of sunsets to sail off into!

    Love reading the blogs. V. exciting for you both.

    Enjoy and take care

    Susan and Colin

  2. Thanks for the update James.

    Hope you guys have an awesome time, look forward to seeing the updates as you go, sounds amazing!!!

    Kite Republic will miss your skills and we’ll no doubt have a load of kiters counting down the days until you get back and get them back on the water!!!!


  3. Fi & Kheang Says:

    Hey J & I

    Wow, you guys rock!

    Wish you guys a amazing trip full of wonders and amazing experiences which we’ll be sure to read on your posts.

    If you decide to sail the Atlantic too, drop us a line – we have St Katherines dock nearby, just off the Thames where you can park your boat 🙂

    Travel safe and have a spendid trip.

    xoxoxox Fi & Kheang

  4. Hey guys!!!

    It sounds terrific and it looks even better!!!!

    What a breath of fresh air for us, still trapped in a lingering winter grey atmosphere… I am so happy that you could finally accomplish your dream, and I will be looking forward to seeing you two back here one day, and listening to the many tales I am sure you will have to tell.

    Have a great journey, full of wonders and discoveries!!!!


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