Mum’s Visit


Two weeks ago my Mum (Bernadette, for those who need a name other than ‘Mum’) arrived at San Jose airport. James and I met her there and the three of us set out on an inland adventure of Costa Rica.

Our first stop was Volcan Arenal, one of CR’s active volcanoes! We went on a night hike to see the lava flow and it was truly amazing, seeing the orange glow of the molten rock, which travels over 200kph down the steep slope of the volcano was unforgettable and worth every second of the muddy, rainy, steep, snake ridden hike up to the viewing place. Unfortunately we didn’t get any photos of the lava ;( You’ll have to come here and see it for yourself!

IMG_2728.JPGVolcan Arenal from the town of La Fortuna

IMG_2716.JPGWaiting for lava under the small hand made shelter of the viewing spot


As if seeing an active volcano wasn’t enough, after the hike we were rewarded greatly…again, with a warm, steamy swim in the hot springs river. The muscles in our body turned to jelly as we finally relaxed in the naturally hot water which was flowing over our tired bodies, a full moon above.

The small town of La Fortuna where we were staying, positioned to the east of Volcan Arenal was built there to be a perfect viewing point for tourists, many hotels emerged and were able to raise rates due to their great position. In 2000 there was an eruption which killed three people and blew out a section of the west side of the volcano. The lava began to flow out the west side then, and all of a sudden, La Fortuna was in the wrong place.

Waterfall Hike

IMG_2646.JPGMum and James

IMG_2653.JPGCaptain and First Mate

IMG_2669.JPGIt was quite a rush, standing there so close to the powerful gush of water.


Bird Watching

My stepdad Graham is an avid bird-watcher (the feathery kind) and so mum tried to get some photos of the birds which were in the garden of our hostel but every time she went out there, the birds flew away. Soon enough, many of the other backpackers staying in the hostel would tell her when there were birds outside but still, they would fly away when she went out. In a final effort to get some shots of our feathery friends, she decided to go outside and wait for them to show up.


Mum waiting for birds

Manual Antonio National park


Our next stop was Manuel Antonio National Park on the Central Pacific coast. Lonely Planet says that if you hire a guide for $20 per day, you are almost guaranteed to see wildlife, but truth be told, you are guaranteed to see wildlife anyway, the park is literally brimming with it.



IMG_2853.JPGSloth- these creatures are incredible, they move so slowly, like they’re made of stone. Apparently it’s because of the leaves they eat which slow the metabolism.


IMG_2871.JPGOh I love these little crabs, they are so cute and feel so nice when they crawl on you!

IMG_2872.JPGCappuccino Monkeys



Big rat thingy

IMG_2891.JPGIguana again

IMG_2902.JPGBoa Constrictor


IMG_2840.JPGMe and Mum complaining about how sore our legs were!

Sadly, Mums time in Costa Rica was coming to an end, James and I were going to miss our cards buddy! We were so glad she came,  the three of us had a ball. Bon Voyage!

Ill finish here with some shots James and I took of our stay in Manuel Antonio after Mum left.

IMG_2920 (Medium)

IMG_2946 (Medium)






2 Responses to “Mum’s Visit”

  1. To the big rat-thingy (aka ‘Isabelle’),

    It’s called an Agouti. Agouti! Haven’t I taught you anything – you sustainably grown peanut.

    Less sustainable living, more Agouti worship.

    Behave like the Agouti and you shall learn to walk on four legs.

    It is shocking; it might even be depraved: at the very least, it is an act of perfidy.

  2. Hey Izzy,

    Love the photo’s. Especially the sloth, it looks really big. And the rat…so cute! Hope you are having an amazing time.

    Leila xoxo

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