Golfito, Costa Rica


So this is our first post from Costa Rica. We have been enjoying our stay here, anchored outside Land and Sea marina, a small marina which is the home and business of owners Tim and Katie, the last place in Golfito, Costa Rica, which charge decent rates. For $5 a day, they provide a dinghy landing, coffee in the morning (which hasn’t helped my addiction), wifi access, a place to escape the boat for a while, laundry service and tourist information. Katie and Tim are being pressured by both of the million dollar marinas along side to sell up, give in to the dark side you might say, which would mean that sailors would have to pay about US $80 to &100 a night for all the same services which Tim and Katie provide.

The other day, out of interest and in an effort to expand our knowledge of the local area beyond the long main street of Golfito, we went on a 7-hour hike up the mountain bordering the main road and back down a small rain forest track. It was an amazing hike, beautiful scenery, much wildlife, although James was disappointed we didn’t see any ‘big’ animals like the famous local Jaguar! There were heaps of lizards, butterflies, insects, and frogs. It made for quite an adventure.



A view of Golfito Bay

The path down through the rainforest was so off the beaten track that it was difficult to find. After walking for about 5 hours, we weren’t sure if we had passed it or not. We had no idea whether or not to turn back. Had we missed the path and were we just walking further away from Golfito now?- we asked each other. But we both felt we should keep moving forward. Eventually James’ keen senses settled on a foot wide trail of red clay which turned out  to be the start of our path back to Golfito. Above us was the constant canopy of the rainforest where all of the trees and plants were battling to get their share of sunlight. Nature was thick around us and it felt so… right. We heard the gush of a waterfall and came accross a stream rushing over the boulders and rocks of the mountain side. For once, we couldn’t hear trucks or cars or speed boats. It was really a great experience. 






And then, after hours of greenery, it was all over, as if we had walked through a door into the land of humans again. Just like that we were in Golfito. It was like stepping into another world.


We had thought we were going on a two hour hike and so by this time, we were ravenous! We sat down and enjoyed a meal of Snapper, plantains (a staple of Central America, a bit like bananas but less sweet and starchier) and salad.



One Response to “Golfito, Costa Rica”

  1. George Lam Says:

    Hi Jamie & Isabelle
    Great to hear you are having a fantastic time. The Greythorn High reunion on Saturday was great, pity you couldn’t be there to share the experience and catch up with so many school friends after 30 years! Many were asking after you.
    Safe Travels, George

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