IMG_2288 (Medium)On our way from Ensanada del Naranjo to Isla Cebaco we saw some whales doing impressive tail slaps in the distance.

We altered course towards them and kept a cautious distance, not wanting to incite any defensive behaviour, especially after we discerned that they were mother and calf.

It seemed that the mother was teaching her calf how to slap it’s tail in the water.

After a while they disappeared and we continued on our way, thinking the show was over, when suddenly they surfaced almost alongside ! They must have been shadowing us. We thought that was pretty good and then they both diverted 90 degrees to cut right under our bow! It was very exciting. So close and personal with these amazing creatures.

We’ve seen a few more since then, even one breaching, that is, jumping far up, almost out of the water and crashing back down. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it was from quite a distance.




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