Bahia Honda

IMG_2342 (Medium)

Bahia Honda was a lovely, quiet, secluded anchorage we found in the southern part of Panama.

A beautiful harbour, well protected from the ever present swell outside. Surrounded by forrested hills and moutains. Abundant in fish and bird life. Fed by fresh water streams and waterfalls.

We soon made friends with Senor Domingo and his family, who came by seperately, wishing to trade fresh fruit, vegetables and some fish, for fishing lures, batteries, pens, gasoline or even a little cash.

This is an idyllic spot. Maybe what Sydney harbour would have looked like before being ‘discovered’ by white man. It certainly has million dollar views, but Senor Domingo has it all for next to nothing, plus fresh air and no crowds!


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IMG_2394 (Medium)IMG_2378 (Medium)IMG_2382 (Medium)IMG_2387 (Medium)


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  1. Amazing Pics Ms Is!

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