Where are we now you may ask

It’s been a while since our last update, so we thought we’d better let everyone know how we’ve been getting on.

After coming through the Panama Canal, we stopped at Balboa for a few days to provision for the up-coming trip to the Galapagos Islands and further afield. While we were there we had some engine problems, with the starter motor failing to engage, and the our newly purchased outboard also decided to not co-operate. A few days later we had both sorted out thanks to some encouragement and advice from some of the other cruisers anchored there.

Everyting seems to take longer than expected and we didn’t end up heading off for our intended destination, the Galapagos until the 22nd of september.

Three days out we were flopping around with no wind, lots of waves, Isabelle was suffering seasickness and I was re-considering our time schedule. We weren’t really going to get much time at the Galapagos, and have to do a lot of sailing, to get back up to Mexico, where we intended to leave the boat to head home for Christmas. We had thought we’d be able to head back to Equador after the Galapagos and cruise up the coast, but there just wasn’t sufficient time.

So, we decided on a new strategy. Head back to Panama, to somewhere calm as soon as possible for Isabelle, and then cruise leisurley up the Pacific side of central america towards Mexico.

As soon as we made our decision, we put the engine on, which promptly  died 😮

Thankfully a breeze sprang up and we were able to make good time back to land and a nice anchorage off the village of Bocara.

Since then, we have been enjoying quiet anchorages, quiet villages, where the main ‘road’ might be a narrow, flower bordered concrete path amongst the houses, and everybody smiles and greets you.

At the moment we are at Santa Catalina Island, heading for Bahia Honda, and then on to Costa Rica.

James and Isabelle


One Response to “Where are we now you may ask”

  1. Jenny & Dick on 'Sanjola' Says:

    We love reading your blog, but got a bit worried when there was a longish gap! They seemed to have improved the internet here so I maybe able to send you our photos of your crossing but I’ve lost your e mail address (if I ever had it!) Please send me yours and then I will be able to pass on the pics. and movies!

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