Sunday in Panama City


Beuller the pirate!

Today James, our friends Beuller and Flo, Beuller’s dog Coffee and I went into town. It was flo’s last day here so we went to the Mercado de Mariscos to have a nice meal before he went to the airport.


Mercado de Mariscos


Flo and Boiler

The mercado de Mariscos is the place to go to get fresh seafood. The market is freshly supplied everyday by the fishermen and there is a resteraunt upstairs which is pretty cheap. If you want you can even buy your seafood downstairs then go up to the resteraunt and let the professionals cook it! It’s delicious!

After we said goodbye to Flo, Beuller, Coffee,  James and I went walking around the city simply taking it in and admiring its charm. We bought some ice cream- I chose grape-nut flavour (I have no idea what grape nuts are but it was really tasty!) and James and I tried on some hats!


Mr. Panama


Coffee sussing out a local cat


Me in my new hat

Overall, it was a really nice day and now we are all outside what we call the ‘Balboa Yaught Club’, but actually it’s just a few chairs outside a convenience store- the only place near our anchorage where you can get free internet access! Coffee is slumped at Beuller’s feet, exhausted and I think we all feel the same way right now.


3 Responses to “Sunday in Panama City”

  1. Wishing we were there with you guys.
    Looks like your having a ball.
    Love the photos!

  2. Izzy your blog is amazing and so are your photo’s! You guys look so happy. Keep having fun over there coz its too cold to be in Melbourne.

    Love Leila xo

  3. Wow, very nicew and elegant!

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